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Why camping and a road trip through Scotland should be on your bucket list!

Together with Agent Dunham, our Spaceships campervan, we travelled for eight days through the beautiful Scottish countryside. Covering more than 1000 miles through an everchanging environment, we had to deal with unpredictable and unexpected weather conditions: from snow and rain to 19 degrees and sunny! In this blog, I will tell you why a road trip through [...]

What to pack for Lapland?

"What's on my packing list for Lapland and how do I protect myself from the cold?" was something I wondered several times during the preparations of our trip to Lapland. In this blog, I will tell you exactly what was in my suitcase to Lapland and I list some indispensable things for your packing list to this cold place!Whereas we normally always travel a[...]

Diary: Sunny Edinburgh, start of our road trip!

Sleepy do we get off the plane, only a few hours ago we were in a pub (we both had a bachelor party) and now we are here in Edinburgh, Scotland! For the next ten days, we will be travelling through this beautiful country. Last December was the first time we visited Scotland, a short weekend trip to Glasgow and Glen Coe, among others. This time we have more t[...]

All you need to know about Japan!

Before we left for Japan, dozens of questions were going through my mind. What would the country be like, what should I pack and how would public transportation be? I wrote down all these questions and I will answer them in this blog.Is Japan worth a visit? Absolutely! Japan is one of the most fascinating countries I have ever visited. The culture h[...]

Diary: looking back on April!

It seems like the months go faster and faster. April was another eventful month and flew by! Curious as to why that happened? Then read on!We quit our jobs! In the first week of April, we do something exciting: we both resign our jobs. Maybe you have already read it, if not read this blog, but we have decided to make a second trip around the world! So go[...]

30 thoughts and statements I made about our world trip!

“YES YES YES, we're really going to do this, I am so excited about it” “NO NO NO! Why are we going to do this, it is all good here in the Netherlands, why do we want to leave this place? ”“Why did I want this again, now I have to quit my job, while I enjoy it so much! I will never again find such a nice job! What will my manager say ?! ”- 3:00 am, the d[...]

Video: Lapland and a proposal!

Our trip through Finnish Lapland was the best! From the beautiful landscape to the great activities. From the northern lights to a proposal ... Curious as to what this looked like? Then watch the short video below. We visited the following places: Inari - Ivalo - Saariselkä - Kaamanen  Any questions, do you want to go to Lapland[...]

101 questions about travelling to and in Belize

Before we left, I had dozens of questions about Belize. What to pack, where to go and how expensive the country is. I have written down all these questions and in this blog, I will answer them all! Do you have questions that are not listed here yet? Let me know via a comment!Is Belize worth visiting? The most important question for when you are cons[...]

Itinerary Belize: one week in Caribbean paradise!

Waving palm trees, reggae music and a beautiful underwater world: welcome to Belize, a small country in Central America. In this blog, I will tell you about our itinerary and route through Belize. I will also tell you what I would have done differently afterwards and which alternative destinations are worth a visit in Belize.Itinerary Belize for one [...]
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