Budget tips: What did we spend in Belize?

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How expensive is travelling through Belize? The answer to this question depends on the type of traveller you are, the activities you do and how long you will be travelling for. However, in this blog, I will tell you what we spend during our trip through Belize.

How much money did we spend in Belize?

First a big disclaimer: we are not extreme budget backpackers. By this, I mean that we almost never sleep in a dormitory, do not cut down on activities and food. On the other hand, we certainly don’t travel luxuriously: we sleep in hostels, almost never take a taxi and try not to eat out too expensive. Everyone has different priorities and budgets while travelling. Maybe you don’t care that much about the accommodation you stay at, but prefer to eat out more often. That is totally fine! Just keep this in mind while you read this blog. It’s always possible to travel cheaper or more expensive than we do.

Is Belize a budget destination?

Belize is certainly not cheap for a country in Central America. The price level is about the same as that of the United States and especially on the islands things like food and drink are quite expensive. During our time in Belize, we did a number of relatively expensive activities (diving, sailing) and this did not make our trip very cheap. But these activities are worth it and we had a wonderful time at this place!

We combined this trip with a trip to Guatemala. We started in Guatemala and from there we travelled overland Belize. Our plane tickets were therefore slightly more expensive than a normal return ticket Belize. If you are flexible and not bound to a specific period then you already have airline tickets to Belize starting at €350.

Belize palmtrees pink houses

Our budget facts

Number of days: 9

Total spend: BZD2591 / €1136,91* / $1295,5
Avg. spend per day:  BZD288 / €126,30 / $144

Our budget per day: BZD273,5 / €120 / $136,75
Days on or below budget: 55%
Days above budget: 45%

All expenses are for 2 people and calculated on the basis of exchange rates during the trip. This amount is excluding our flights. The currency displayed are: Belize Dollar (BZD), Euro (€) and USA Dollar ($).

* Please note that this is without the three day sailing trip from Raggamuffin. This was a collaboration.

Belize barrier reef

How expensive is accommodation in Belize? – 21,4% of the total budget

Total spend: BZD556 / €244  / $278
Number of nights: 8
Average amount per room for 2 pers: BZD93/ €40,70  / $46,5

We slept almost every night in a hostel but always had a private room. Our last night in Belize was a lot more expensive, here we slept in the Bamboleo Inn hotel, near the fly. This was the most expensive hotel (€ 81). We wanted to sit near the airport and sleep our last night in a more luxurious hotel. In Belize city did not seem to be good hotels and there it was not safe enough. In the end, we were happy with our choice!

Pink houses Belize

How expensive is transportation in Belize? – 22,1% of the total budget

Total spend: BZD573 / €251,35 / $286,5
Taxi : BZD60 / €26,22 / $30
Flights:  BZD219 / €95,70 / $109,5

We noticed that the ferry between the islands and the mainland was relatively expensive. We paid over € 15 per person for the ferry from San Pedro to Caye Caulker (30 minutes). Taxis are as expensive as in America. Fortunately, Belize is very small and you do not have to travel much to see lots of the country.

We made one flight: from Palencia to Belize City. It cost € 48 per person, a fairly good price. Public transport, however, is a lot cheaper. With the bus, it would have cost € 15 per person.

Flying Tropic Air Belize

How much money do you need to budget for food in Belize? – 28,5% of the total budget

Total spend: BZD744 / € 326,53/ $372
From which eating and drinking out: BZD510 / €223,93 / $255
Of which groceries: BZD212 / €96,48 / $106
Other: BZD14 / €6,12 / $7

In Belize, we finally made breakfast ourselves again, some yoghurt with fruit, delicious! Furthermore, we ate a number of times in restaurants but always went for some simple food.

Fish in Belize

Are activities expensive in Belize? – 28% of the total budget

Total spend: BZD718 / € 315,03 / $359
Diving(inc tax): BZD668 / €293,18 / $334
Other: BZD50 / €21,85 / $25

*Three day sail trip: BZD 1600 / € 702,10 / $800

Diving is certainly not cheap and with three dives per person, this was a considerable expense. But it was definitely worth the money in Belize where the reef is really beautiful. If you are not a diver, this will save you already 300.

* Please note: these costs were not included in the total as this was a collaboration.

Sailing Belize

What do things cost in Belize?

Cappuccino: BZD5 / € 2,20/ $2,50
Normally we love our coffee in the morning but in Belize, it was simply too hot outside.

1 Kilo of banana’s: BZD3 / €1,30 / $1,5

1 kilo of apples:  BZD7 / €3,10 / $3,5

1 Big avocado: BZD1,50 / €0,65 / $0,75
A couple of times we ate bread with avocado. Really so good!

Bottle of Coca Cola (0,3L): BZD1,50 / €0,65 / $0,75

Yoghurt (500ml): BZD6 / €2,60 / $3

Bread (2pers): BZD5 / €2,20 / $2,5
On Caye Caulker we discovered a French bakery, his baguettes were really great!

Bottle of water (3,3L):BZD3 / €1,30 / $1,5

Glas of wine in a wine bar: BZD12 / €5,30 / $6
Wine is relatively expensive in Belize. A Gin Tonic or Cuba Libre is cheaper!

Gin and Tonic in a bar: GTQ 20 / € 2,31 / $2,60

Local beer in a bar: BZD7 / €3,10 / $3,5

Simple breakfast (1 pers) eating out: BZD22,80 / €10 / $11,40

Simple lunch / evening meal (1 pers) eating out: BZD34,20 / €15 / $17,10
One of the advantages of Belize: it is at sea and therefore there is lots of seafood. For example, we ate for BZD20 (less than 10 euros) fresh lobster! Delicious!Food in Belize

Conclusion: is Belize expensive?

Belize is relatively expensive compared to other countries in Central America. Little is produced and the country depends on import. Looking back, the prices were still doable for us. Belize is a bit known as the Benidorm of the United States and therefore there are many expensive hotels. However, we had no trouble finding cheaper hostels and because we went to dinner at cheap places, it was not too bad.

Is diving expensive in Belize?

Diving makes this place an expensive destination for us. When we wouldn’t have gone diving, we would have spent almost 300 euros less. The money, however, was definitely worth it! The underwater world in Belize is amazing!

In Belize, it is normal to give a tip. Furthermore, people are relaxed about money. Negotiation is not really the norm, but it is possible on the markets. We never had the feeling that people were trying to sell us out.

Overall I found Belize beautiful. There is a relaxed atmosphere, the people are very nice and I especially loved the islands and the underwater world! I’m curious, do you have good budget tips for a trip through Belize?

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What did we spend traveling through Belize?

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