What to pack for Lapland?

“What’s on my packing list for Lapland and how do I protect myself from the cold?” was something I wondered several times during the preparations of our trip to Lapland. In this blog, I will tell you exactly what was in my suitcase to Lapland and I list some indispensable things for your packing list to this cold place!

Whereas we normally always travel as lightly as possible, carrying backpacks instead of a suitcase (this one from Osprey), this was completely different for Lapland. We brought a big suitcase (this one) of 23 kilos (although we still shared it) and we each had a daypack (I use this one from The North Face). So that’s quite a lot, 23 kilos + daypack for just five days!packing list Lapland

What clothing do you take to Lapland?

With temperatures ranging from -20 during the day and down to -40 during the day, warm clothing is very important. I never before had so many kilos of clothing with me on a trip! Below I describe which clothing you should put on your packing list.

If you click on the links, you will see where I bought this piece of clothing. Because we wanted to stay on budget but we were missing some of the essential gear, I borrowed the ski pants from my friend Fay. Furthermore, I also bought a few things, all from the budget store Decathlon (no, this is not sponsored). This mainly concerned the snow boots, which were really cheap (€12.99), a cap (€1.99), thermal pants (€4.99) and a thermal shirt (€4.99). So in total, I only spent €20.00 on new gear. Not bad right?

When I would go outside, I would wear lots of layers. On average I was wearing the following:
> sports brasports shirtthermal shirtfleece sweaterhoodie ski jacket <
> underwear – thermal pantswoolen socksski pants <

I also had normal shoes and normal clothes with me, but actually, I only wore them on the plane. The next time I would just wear my snow boots during the flight and leave my other shoes at home.

Packing list Lapland

What else did we have with us?

  • instant coffee
  • tea
  • wine: alcohol is expensive in Lapland.
  • nuts
  • candy 

For the first lodge we were staying, we brought our own bed linen and bath towels. Because both lodges had kitchens and we wanted to have breakfast there in the morning in order to save money, we had already taken a few things from home such as instant coffee, tea and nuts.uno

Curious about what was in my backpack during our four-month world trip? I wrote a blog about it, which you can find here!

Drone shot Lapland - FinlandWhich camera gear do you bring to Lapland?

One of the reasons for us to go to Lapland was to see and photograph the northern lights. And so we brought quite a lot of camera gear. We shot the northern lights with the 12-mm Samyang for Fuji Lens with an F-value of 2. Wondering what else was in our camera bag? You can find that below.









How much expensive is Lapland? You can find the answer to this question in this blog: What did we spend in Finnish Lapland?

Husky safari Finland - LaplandTips: indispensable things for your packing list!

The following should really be in your bag or suitcase to Lapland! If you want to be able to capture the northern lights, then a tripod is really indispensable. You work with a shutter speed of at least 6 seconds, where your camera must be completely still.

  • heat packs: our favourite thing in Lapland!
  • sunglasses: the sun shines brightly.
  • headlamp: especially during the night!
  • Tripod: it’s very hard to shoot the northern lights without this.
  • hand lotion: your skin will be super dry
  • thick face lotion
  • thick body lotion
  • lip and sunscreen: protect yourself against the sun!
Hand warmers

Unfortunately, we didn’t bring a thick hand, face or body lotion. Because of the extreme cold, my skin became immediately dry, which gave a bad feeling especially at night. So take my advice and bring some really thick lotion with you!

Are you packing your suitcase for Lapland and have any questions? Or do you have tips for other travelers? Let me know via a comment!

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What to pack for a holiday to Lapland?

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