Five reasons you must visit French Polynesia!

Oo, we totally fell in love with French Polynesia! If possible, I would fly back to these magic islands right now! Until a few years ago we did not even know where French Polynesia was located, and today we regularly get questions like: “French Polynesia, where can I find that place?”. It is really undiscovered, there are almost no tourists but it is paradise on earth! And therefore 5 reasons why you should go to French Polynesia NOW!

1. The Colors!

Never before have we seen such beautiful colours as here in French Polynesia. No sea is so blue (or actually about 100 different colours of blue), nowhere is the sand so white. And those trees and plants that are so beautifully green, is that even possible? It seems like you’re in a very photoshopped picture perfect, but it’s all real! The sea is sometimes incredibly wild, and the mountains and volcanoes seem miles high. You will totally fall in love with all this beauty an realize that this is paradise on earth!

FP: Ries

2. Food!

Okay, I have to admit, the food in French Polynesia is not that great at all. Almost everything has to be imported and people eat a lot from cans or from the freezer. But, everything that comes from the environment tastes heavenly. Fruit such as mangoes, bananas and papayas that are extremely juicy and sweet, but also large coconuts full of fresh milk and the largest avocados we have ever seen. Seriously the avocados that grow on Huahine are larger than your own head!

The most delicious local food must be the red tuna. We are spoiled forever, the tuna we will eat from now onwards will never be as good as the one in French Polynesia. Directly from the sea on your plate, as fresh as possible. Tuna is so tender that it falls apart on your tongue and no preparation at all is needed. Salivating!

FP: fruit plate

3. People!

Polynesians are wonderful people. Welcoming, always cheerful, uncomplicated and just happy. They eat food throughout the whole day. We, Europeans, were seen as thin and therefore people felt petty for us. Meat on the bones, that’s what a man from Polynesia appreciates! Has it been raining for 2 weeks? No problem, nobody works and every day there is a party. This gives extra time to chill, occasionally smoke a joint and play a little bit Ukulele. If the sun shines, nobody works too hard either, because you know, it’s hot. As you read, the typical Polynesian does not take life too seriously and does not always work hard. Life is to be enjoyed, something we, Dutchies, can definitely learn from the Polynesians!

FP: rangiroa eettentje

4. Animals!

Swim between stingrays, dozens of different sharks, and cuddle with dolphins. French Polynesia is also great for animals. And that is quite strange because since the islands are so far away from the inhabited world, there are not that many animals at all. You will not find monkeys, deadly spiders or snakes and no crocodiles here. What you do find is a huge variety of sea animals. In some seasons there are large quantities of whales. There is always a dolphin or turtle somewhere and the coral is beautiful here too!

FP: bora-bora-stingrays.jpg

5. The Feeling!

And finally, the overwhelming feeling of being at the end of the world. Further from any place, surrounded by just a huge ocean. We felt more free, happier and above all super adventurous here. The tropical music, relaxed atmosphere and enormous peace that prevails, ensure the ultimate relaxation! I am one hundred per cent certain that we will go back here, and hopefully, it will still be so beautiful, as quiet and as nice as it is now!

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